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Luxury cruising and racing on a open 60 naval architecture concept.

With over twenty years of experience in the sailing market, the Italian shipyard Maxi Dolphin, known for its production of one-off yachts, has followed its natural evolution and now launches the 20m sailing yacht DREAM 67 Shamlor. The new DREAM 67 Shamlor yacht is highly customised – a distinctive feature of the Maxi Dolphin production process – which, along with the highly advanced building techniques utilised, perfectly represents the yard’s philosophy in the building of entirely personalised hulls.


The luxury yacht DREAM 67 Shamlor stands out for her superior performance, which necessitates extremely high quality construction standards, entrusted to Maxi Dolphin, which was chosen as the shipbuilder: further confirmation of the excellent levels reached by the Erbusco boatyard and recognised in the international sailing world.
Constructed entirely with Sprint pre preg technology, the DREAM 67 Shamlor yacht is notable for her extreme sturdiness and unparalleled lightness, guaranteeing excellent performances in regattas.




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