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The Boat


The Swan 82 is an up to date expression of the fast Maxi-cruiser concept. She is the result of accumulated knowledge, yet drawn afresh. The vessel is a modern sailing yacht built to be fast, yet be perfectly in keeping with company’s traditional core values: elegant lines, luxurious interiors, ease of handling and reliability. Her performance oriented hull and clean deck layout mask comfortable internal volume and a wealth of technical features that combine to offer outstanding long range cruising capabilities.The Frers-designed Swan 82 is a boat that is intended to be both a racing and a cruising boat. This has been Swan’s approach as long as I can remember. The 82′s character is heavily dependent on the IMS rule. It’s available in three models: a Swan-type wedge deck in a midcockpit aft or centered configuration, and a raised-saloon deck. 


The racing-oriented owner chooses the midcockpit-aft type to keep sail-handling chores nearby. Alpina is a centered-midcockpit Swan 80 version, a good layout for racing or cruising.Added advantage of her is its 12 cm increased headboard to create much more spacious center section and cabins.


This Swan 82 is a light 82-footer. The D/L is 120. Beam is on the narrow side for an L/B of 4.14. Normal L/Bs are usually around 3.5. The canoe body shows minimal fore and aft rocker and a distinct flattening in the area of the keel fin. The sheer is not flat, but it appears in the drawings to have almost no spring aft. It almost looks like the stern is higher than the bow, but it is not by about 16 inches. The leading edge of the keel fin is dead vertical.This is not a mom-and-pop cruiser.



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