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Aims to bring you the opportunity to experience the thrill of racing in regatta like conditions onboard their sleek and masterfully crafted TP52. Enjoy a wide range of charters ideal for the inexperienced looking for a taste of regatta racing, encouraging team building skills and the avid sailor keen to enjoy this renown racing yacht in an upcoming regatta.


Experience a sailing adventure like no other on these masterfully crafted racing yachts. TP52 provides the perfect experience in regatta like sailing conditions ideal for the sailing enthusiast or an inexperienced sailor yet to be exposed to the adrenaline rush.


Transpac 52 


The TP52 is generally seen as the ultimate Grand Prix Racer. It is definitely not the first yacht built to a boxrule, but the choices made when forming this particular box have proven to be lucky ones. This is underlined by quite a few classes following in these steps with similar choices. Because of its size, the number of crew and allowing the best materials and building techniques this was never going to be a class for small budget campaigns.


TP52's racing in the main events such as the MedCup and the TP52 World Championship attract the best sailors of the globe and the teams are well supported on the shore and on the water. Luckily the exposure that these events get makes it possible to attract first class sponsors. Moneyis around to fund these campaigns as soon as you can offer value in return. Around 2009 the balance between sponsored and private teams was about 50-50.

The TP52 is a simple racing machine. There are no moving parts under water other than a single centreline rudder and no complicated issues on deck or in the rig. Just high quality components allowing proper control of the boat and of a sails wardrobe build for optimum performance at every wind angle and windspeed.


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