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What makes racing a TP52 so much fun?

The TP52 is a true Grand Prix Racer, designed for yacht racing at the highest level. The all carbon fibre yacht with its powerful sail plan and deep keel is built for uncompromised performance.

Downwind in stronger breezes a TP52 with sheets cracked is like hitting the turbo and will regularly hit surf speeds over 25 knots then continue to maintain high average speeds.  These qualities make it ideal for the shorter offshore races like the RORC Caribbean 600

Why choose racing TP52 Conviction?
  • Barbados Offshore Sailing Syndicate offers the unique opportunity for sailors to race on a TP52 in exciting regattas as well as team building and corporate days.

  • Whether you have racing experience or not, all sailors are welcome to join us and experience the excitement of inshore regattas or the adventure of offshore racing.

  • Our qualified crew will guide you towards your desired results while you will be a fully active member of the crew, learning and contributing.

  • Before a regatta, we schedule training days to prepare you for the subtleties of sail trim, and the various manoeuvres as well as the tactics for upwind, downwind sailing, and procedures at mark roundings.

Barbados Offshore Sailing Syndicate (BOSS) team

The Barbados Offshore Sailing Syndicate (BOSS) team consists of a skipper and up to two crew.  Depending on your requirements we can bring on experienced sailors.  In general, for safety and comfort, we prefer a maximum of 16 crew for onshore races and 12 for offshore races (inclusive of the BOSS team).

TP52 Yacht Racing schedule in the Caribbean

The charter campaign begins with Barbados Sailing Week, followed by all the spectacular regattas in the Caribbean:



Charter rate regattas

Price one request


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