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The Xp 50 is a high-performance cruiser-racer which offers impressive pace and ease of handling. The longer waterline length of this model allows additional cruising features to be incorporated, as well as increased straight-line speed. In line with the rest of the Xp range, the 50-footer utilises epoxy infusion build processes for improved stiffness with reduced weight, a carbon keel structure for maximum safety and ultimate stability, and a precision-moulded composite keel with iron fin and lead bulb giving a high ballast ratio.


A choice of standard aluminium or optional carbon rig packages, and standard or deep draft keels, allows Xp 50 owners to optimise their yacht for cruising or racing, short-handed or fully crewed, inshore, offshore or bluewater sailing.




X-Yachts Sailing offers outstanding sailing experiences using a fleet of exclusive and genuine X-Yachts on the island of Mallorca AND OR REQUEST ON IBIZA. With great passion, we are creating unforgettable days on the water with high performance sailing to enthusiastic people & sailors. Our program offers options and packages that suit many levels and personalities. You can join high end day sailing as an individual, book private or corporate sailing, academy sailing, racing or join one of our many exclusive tailor made events.


The base where everything begins, is in the center of Palma, a modern and easy reachable Pantalan just on the Paseo Maritimo. Our day sailing concept is simple. You will have a great day sailing where you arrive and leave hassle free in Palmas Old town environment using high level equipment, be guided by professionals, enjoy eating delicious food & drinks in great company.




Mallorca and Ibiza are famous and known for sunny sailing more than 300 days a year. Mallorca and Ibiza offer ideal weather conditions for sailing and the season is all year round. The Balearics enjoy a privileged geographical position that creates the so-called Mediterranean front with temperate conditions located at the limit of the anticyclone of the Azores and the Central European front. What this means is that Mallorca benefit from great weather conditions for sailing. The summer season is warm but bearable and the peaks of heat are not excessive and the winters are generally mild with few cold spells. In terms of winds, the island enjoy a thermal wind effect which is independent of the weather conditions.


These local winds blow toward the coast as the land heats up with the sun and away from the coast as the land cools at night. The stable wind intensity makes the island very good for sailing and therefor also a number of prestigious regattas take place on Mallorca. Ashore you will find an attractive and divers atmosphere filled with opportunities when it comes to nature, leisure, sport, art, gastronomy, wine, culture and much more. 




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